How we fixed our dad’s 14 year old Traxxas RC car.

I am Mason, a ten-year-old boy, and I want to tell you about our dad’s 14+ year-old RC car that me and my brother fixed up and got working again.

Our mom bought our dad a Traxxas RC car the year I was born. I am only ten, so the RC car should be ten years old now, not fourteen. But, when our mom bought the RC car, it was already used (Four years old). So right now it is fourteen years old.

Me and my brother wanted to get the old Traxxas RC car working, so one day we got it down from its shelf and put the batteries in. The batteries are chargeable, and not surprisingly, they were not charged. We had two batteries that worked for the RC car, and three other batteries that didn’t work with the car.

We thought the batteries that didn’t work for the RC car did work, and that the batteries that did work didn’t work. Since we thought the batteries that didn’t work did work for the RC car, we didn’t have a way of charging them. We were about to buy a connector piece that would make it so we could charge the batteries we thought worked when we realized we had the batteries mixed up. we thought that the three batteries that were the same worked with the RC car and that the other two batteries didn’t work. The two batteries actually did work for the RC car, and the three that were the same didn’t.

We charged up the correct batteries, (hoping they wouldn’t explode) and put them in the RC car. Surprisingly, they still worked. We wanted to get the other three batteries working too, so we bought a connector piece that will allow us to charge the other three batteries. But, before we could get the connecter piece, the RC car broke.

My little brother was driving it at the park, and he accidentally drove the RC car into a tree. Since it is so old, one of the pieces on the right wheel broke. We bought the piece that broke, and are waiting for it to arrive. Once it comes, we are going to try to fix the old RC car.

The RC car was a TON of fun to play with, and we don’t want to buy a new RC car, so we are really hoping we can fix it. If you want a toy that is super fun to play with, this is the perfect toy for you.