Worlds Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle!

Worlds Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle!

Hello. I’m a nine-year-old boy named Max. We got the world’s smallest jigsaw puzzle online. My dad saw it, and just thought it would be fun trying to solve this puzzle! This is a puzzle with a picture of the Penn State beaver dam football stadium. The pieces to this puzzle are way smaller than normal sized puzzle pieces though.

Each piece is probably about twelve times smaller than normal puzzle pieces! That’s the reason I said this is probably going to be super hard to solve! There are only about two hundred puzzle pieces though, but they’re super small. This box of puzzle pieces is okay quality, it does have a good quality bag, I know that because it was pretty hard to rip open. So the bag inside is good quality, the company that made it didn’t use the best grammar, because on the box it says: “also includes a tweezers”. But it’s (in grammar wise) supposed to say: “also includes a tweezer”. 

I really like this puzzle because some puzzles are just way too easy, and don’t even make it a tiny bit of a challenge, and this puzzle should get our minds working, that includes me, my dad, my mom, and my brother. It should also get anyone else’s mind working if they buy it. This puzzle comes in a pretty small box, so if you order this don’t think it’s going to be big, you should be able to see how big it is from the picture online, but I’m telling you this just in case.

I don’t know exactly how hard this puzzle will be because we haven’t solved it yet, but if I had to guess how this puzzle would compare to how hard it is then to other puzzles, then I would say I think this is going to be harder than other puzzles, as long as they’re not gigantic! 

Like if you’re comparing this to one thousand piece puzzles, then it’s obviously going to be easier, but if there are only five hundred pieces in the puzzles you’re comparing this puzzle to, then I think this puzzle will be harder. I think you should buy this puzzle online right now! 

You might be like: “but Max, how do you know we should buy it because you haven’t even used it yet,” and the reason I think you should buy this puzzle is that it looks like it’s good quality, and It looks like it’ll be really fun to solve!

So use your closest device, and go online and buy this puzzle right now!

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