How we fixed our dad’s 14 year old Traxxas RC car.

I am Mason, a ten-year-old boy, and I want to tell you about our dad’s 14+ year-old RC car that me and my brother fixed up and got working again.

Our mom bought our dad a Traxxas RC car the year I was born. I am only ten, so the RC car should be ten years old now, not fourteen. But, when our mom bought the RC car, it was already used (Four years old). So right now it is fourteen years old.

Me and my brother wanted to get the old Traxxas RC car working, so one day we got it down from its shelf and put the batteries in. The batteries are chargeable, and not surprisingly, they were not charged. We had two batteries that worked for the RC car, and three other batteries that didn’t work with the car.

We thought the batteries that didn’t work for the RC car did work, and that the batteries that did work didn’t work. Since we thought the batteries that didn’t work did work for the RC car, we didn’t have a way of charging them. We were about to buy a connector piece that would make it so we could charge the batteries we thought worked when we realized we had the batteries mixed up. we thought that the three batteries that were the same worked with the RC car and that the other two batteries didn’t work. The two batteries actually did work for the RC car, and the three that were the same didn’t.

We charged up the correct batteries, (hoping they wouldn’t explode) and put them in the RC car. Surprisingly, they still worked. We wanted to get the other three batteries working too, so we bought a connector piece that will allow us to charge the other three batteries. But, before we could get the connecter piece, the RC car broke.

My little brother was driving it at the park, and he accidentally drove the RC car into a tree. Since it is so old, one of the pieces on the right wheel broke. We bought the piece that broke, and are waiting for it to arrive. Once it comes, we are going to try to fix the old RC car.

The RC car was a TON of fun to play with, and we don’t want to buy a new RC car, so we are really hoping we can fix it. If you want a toy that is super fun to play with, this is the perfect toy for you.

Ticket To Ride London edition review

I am Mason, a ten-year-old boy, and I am going to tell you about a very fun board game my family bought recently.

The game we got is called Ticket To Ride London edition. You may have heard about Ticket To Ride before. Ticket To Ride London edition is very similar to the original Ticket To Ride. The first time we played it, it took us about thirty minutes. However, once you have learned how to play the game better, and once you have played the game multiple times, it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to play. This could be a benefit from the original Ticket To Ride if you like smaller, not as long games.

I think that Ticket To Ride London edition was easier to learn than the regular Ticket To Ride because it is smaller, therefore less confusing and easier to learn. The instruction manual took a little less time to learn than I expected, but I have played the regular Ticket To Ride before, so that affected how long it took me to learn. In general, it is easy to learn how to play.

Another thing I like about the game is the quality of the game. The gameboard is solid and sturdy, it mostly not flimsy. The pieces to the game (the trains) are plastic, and very durable. the only reason I can see them breaking is if someone was purposely trying to break the pieces. The game has fewer trains than in the regular Ticket To Ride, which makes the game slower than the original Ticket To Ride. The cards that you draw are a little flimsy, but not a lot.

Ticket To Ride London edition is shorter than the regular Ticket To Ride, so it is less competitive. If you like shorter and less complicated games, then I would recommend getting Ticket To Ride London edition instead of the original Ticket To Ride. If you like longer, more complicated, and more competitive games, I would recommend getting the original Ticket To Ride.

My brother also enjoyed the game, but not as much as the original Ticket To Ride. My mom likes Ticket To Ride London edition a lot, and likes it a little more than the regular Ticket To Ride. My dad likes them both a lot, but he likes the original Ticket To Ride slightly better. I have to agree with my dad. I like them both a lot, but I like more competitive games a little better. Even though most of us like the regular Ticket To Ride better, If you prefer shorter, less complicated, less competitive games, Ticket To Ride London edition will be the perfect board game for you.




Mason and Max

Mason and Max

Mason is ten years old and lives with his younger brother, dad, and mom. Some of his favorite hobbies are magic, playing outside with friends, going to the park, playing games inside. Some of the games he likes to play include board games, Beyblades, card tricks, gravity maze, tag, and more.

Max is nine years old and lives with Mason, their mom, and their dad. Some of his favorite hobbies are legos, drawing, riding his bike, swimming, board games, puzzles, and more.

Mason and Max are making this website on their own, with a little help setting it up from their dad.